Contemporary works in repertoire

T. Adès Traced Overhead op. 15 
Darknesse Visible
B. Alexandrov Various piano works
G. Amy Epigrammes
G. Antheil Airplane Sonata
G. Auric Adieu, New York !
M. Babbitt Three compositions for piano
S. Barber Sonata for piano
Excursions for piano
Piano Concerto
R.R.Bennett 5 Studies for piano
Sonata for piano
J. Barraqué Sonate
A. Berg Sonata
L. Berkeley Four piano studies
Six preludes for piano
L. Berio Sequenza
Cinque Variazione
Points on the curve to find (p+o)
L. Berners Trois petites marches funèbres
The triumph of Neptune
K. Boehmer Potential
In Illo Tempore
P. Boulez Sonates 1, 2 and 3
B. Britten Piano Concerto
B. Buckinx Dagdromen voor 2 piano's
S. Bussotti Pour Clavier
Tableaux Vivants (2p)
J. Cage Music of Changes
Piano Concerto
C. Cardew Three Winter Potatoes
Boolavogue (2p)
E. Carter Piano Sonata
90 +
Night Fantasy
Piano Concerto
I. Christou Toccata for piano and orchestra
N. Castiglioni Quodlibet (p+ch.orch.)
A. Copland Piano Fantasy
The Cat and the Mouse
Piano Variations
H. Cowell Piano Concerto
Various piano works
G. Cziffra Deux études de concert pour piano
P-M. Davies 5 Piano Pieces op. 2
J. van Domselaer Proeven van Stijlkunst nr. 2 (1912)
H. Dutilleux Le jeu des contraires
R. van Dijk Piano Concerto nr. 1
H. Eisler Piano Sonata op. 1
E. Erdmann 5 Klaviestücke
S. Feinberg Complete sonatas
M. Feldman Various piano pieces
B. Ferneyhough Epigrammes
3 Pieces
Sonata for 2 pianos
Coloratura (p+hobo)
G. Flynn Derus Simples
L. Francesconi Da capo (p+ens)
Islands (p+ens)
S. Gubaidulina Various piano works
L. Goethals Various piano works
K. Goeyvaerts Solo piano works
Works for 2p+ens
H. Gorécki Piano Concerto
H.W. Henze Piano Sonata
P. Hindemith Ludus Tonalis
Sonata nr. 2
B. Hopkins Etudes book 1 + 2
Maki Ishii Black Intention
Ch. Ives Concord Sonata
3 Page Sonata
Y. Ioannidis 3 Studies
L. Janácek Piano Sonata 1.X.
Capriccio (piano concerto for left hand and 7 w.)
B. Jolas B for Sonata
Chanson d'approche
M. Kagel Metapiece
An Tasten
E.I. Kahn Ciaccona dei tempi di guerra
J. Kaipainen Conte
Je chante la chaleur désespérée
O. Knussen Prayer Bell Sketch
E. Krenek Complete piano solo works
Piano concertos 1,2, 3 and 4
A. Laporte Ascension
T. de Leeuw Les Adieux
G. Ligeti Etudes
Piano Concerto
Komposition fur 2 Klaviere
T. Loevendie Concerto for Piano and Orchestra
B. Lorentzen Colori
V. Lourié Various piano works
F-B. Mache Têmes Nevinbür (2p)
G.D. Madge Movements
Tendrils of the rock
To You (2p)
Piano Concerto (ch.orch.)
D. Manneke Diaphony for Geoffrey
I. Markevics Handel Variations
N. Maw Personae I, II and III
R. Meale Coruscations
D. Mitropoulos Eine Griechische Sonate
Passacaglia, Intermezzo + Fuga
3 Pieces
4 Kytherian Dances
A. Mossolov 4 Piano sonatas
Piano Concerto
C. Nancarrow Sonatina for piano 1941. Two Early Pieces 1935 (Prelude and Blues).
C. Nielsen Suite for piano op. 45
Chaconne for piano op. 32
L. Nono Sofferte onde serene
P. Norgaard Turn
N. Obouhov Various piano works
G. Oestvolskaja Piano Concerto
A. Panufnik Penta Sonata
Piano Concerto
A. Payne Paean
H. Pousseur Mobile (2p)
Apostrophes et six réflections
Icare obstiné
Ballade Berlinoise
S. Protnopopov Various piano works
K-A. Rasmussen "Fuga" (based on fugue Hammerklavier Sonata op. 106 L.v.B.)
R. Reynolds Fantasy for pianist
N. Roslavetz Complete piano works
F. v. Rossum In Memoriam Glenn Gould op. 43
L. Saguer Schegge e stalci
G. Scelsi Piano Suites 6,8 and 11
Sonatas 2,3 and 4
4 Poèmes
A. Schnabel 7 Pieces for piano
D. Shostakovics Sonatas 1 and 2
Piano Concertos 1 and 2
Aphorisms op. 13
N. Skalkottas 32 Piano pieces
Piano Concerto nr. 1
Piano Concerto nr. 3 (p+ch.orch.)
Various other works
E. Steuerman Suite
I. Strawinsky Piano Sonata
Piano Rag Music
K. Sorabji Opus Clavicembalisticum
Sonata nr. 3
Quasi Habanera
In the hothouse
Piano Concerto 2
K. Stockhausen Klavierstücke I-XI
M. Tabachnik Eclipses
Y. Takahashi Metathesis
Chromamorphe II
3 Poems of Mao
Chained hands in prayer
V. Ullmann 7. Klaviersonate
C. Vine Piano Sonata nr. 1 (1992)
Piano Sonata nr. 2 (1997)
C. Vivier Shiraz
W. Vogel Epitaffio per Alban Berg
R. Wernick Sonata
C. Wolff 2 Klavierstücke
For Piano
Prose Collection
Bread and Roses
S. Wolpe Complete piano works
I. Wyschnegradsky Various piano works (1p, 2p, 4p)
I. Xenakis Herma
6 Chansons for piano (1951)
Dikhtas (p+v)
Eonta (p+ens)
Palimpsest (p+ens)
Akea (p+ens)
Synaphai (p+o)
Erikhton (p+o)
Yoji Yuassa On the keyboard
Various piano works

Some compositions may not appear on this list. Please ask if you have other works in mind.