F. Busoni The Piano works ArchivMusic/Philips 420741(2CDs)
L. Godowsky 53 Studies after Chopin Dante PSG 8903/4 (2 CD) vol. I
53 Studies after Chopin Dante PSG 8905/6 (2 CD)vol. II
Grand Sonata in e-min. Dante PSG 890/7 (1 CD)
24 Walzermasken Dante PSG 9008 (1 CD)
Triakontameron Dante PSG 9009 (1 CD)
J.S. Bach/
F. Busoni
Complete chorales, Toccata,
Adagio & Fugue in C,
Prelude & Fugue in E-flat
Dante PSG 9011 (1 CD)
Islands BVHaast CD 0108
D. Mitropoulos

J. Reubke

Sonatas Dante PSG 9010 (1 CD)
A. Mossolov Sonatas 1,2,4,5 Dante PSG 9118 (1 CD)
E. Krenek Sonatas 1,3,5 Koch/Schwann (1 CD) 310 047
Sonatas 2,4,6,7 Koch/Schwann (1 CD) 310 048
Piano Works CPO 999099-2 (1 CD)
S. Wolpe Piano Music CPO 999055-2 (1 CD)
N. Medtner Piano Concertos 1, 2 and 3 BIS CD 1258 (2 CD)
Sonata in G minor
Sonata reminiscenza in A minor
Sonata tragica in C minor
Artur Rubinstein Philharmonic Orchestra under Ilya Stupel
G. Gershwin Piano Concerto in F, Rhapsody in Blue,
An American in Paris
with the Artur Rubinstein
Philharmonic Orchesta
under Ilya Stupel
Danacord Records (1 CD)
D. Shostakovich Keys to Russia - Modern Soviet Piano Music BV HAAST
A. Mossolov CD 9602 (l CD)
N. Roslavetz
N. Skalkottas Piano Concerto nr. 1
Iceland Symphony Orchestra
under Nikos Christodoulou
BIS CD 1014

Concerto no. 3 for Piano and Ten Wind Instruments
Caput Ensemble under Nikos Christodoulou

BIS CD 1364

N. Skalkottas

Piano Concerto no. 2

BBC Symphony Orchestra under Nikos Christodoulou


K. Sorabji Opus Clavicembalisticum
(live performance from Chicago)
BIS CD 1062/1064 (5 CD)
G. Flynn Derus Simples Southport Composers Series
S-SSD 0085 (1 CD)

I. Xenakis

Eonta, Herma, Evryali,Palimpsest,
Epei, Dmaathen

BV Haast CD 0706

I. Xenakis

Synaphai – Connexities for piano and Orchestra
New Philharmonia Orchestra under Elgar Howarth

ExploreRecords/Decca EXP 0017