De Kunst van het Luisteren. Workshops/Masterclasses
Geoffrey Madge has been giving many workshops and masterclasses in Holland, England (Yehudi Menuhin School), Poland, Germany, Finland, Russia and Australia. During these masterclasses he makes use of the audiences reactions, making room for the players to try different ways of playing.

Masterclasses: For the pianists several points discussed in the article ON TEACHING are worked out in a communicative way. Often with humour, (which certainly helps to loosen things up). The aim being to make the masterclass not only useful for the participating pianists, but also for the listening public, the interaction is kept with the audience. The masterclasses touch upon many subjects (not only musical),with references made to literature and other arts.

Workshops: The Art of Listening. A very successful new form of concert/masterclass devoted to helping audiences to understand the art of listening, A master class/workshop session that contains much interesting information, making use of the potentials of the technique of the present day, video, Facebook, Youtube etc. Given in intimate surroundings with fascinating dialogues between the public and Geoffrey Madge. How do you listen? How do we make use of our full potentials when listening? Each session goes into many quite unexpected areas and is given with interesting documentation. A foundation has been created with the name of Madgictouch where more information can be found. Also his radio program Madge-point to be heard on the link, every week, covers many of the above subjects.

Special subject masterclasses can be combined with lecture/recital discussions on the following:

  • The teachings and piano playing of Ferruccio Busoni.
  • De Kunst van het Luisteren - The Art of Listening. (See
  • Piano performance and playing with creative intuition, making use of the unconscious in piano playing.
  • The art of several legendary pianists and the art of belcanto on the piano, combined with film excerpts, including demonstrations and interaction with the audience.
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